Jason Isbell

Jason uses a Roaring-40 head and a 2X12 open back cab

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Earl Slick

Slick uses a Roaring-40 head, a Vibe-45 2X12 combo & his Signature amp, The Slick-18

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Mike Cooley - Drive By Truckers

Mike uses a Roaring-40 head with a 2X12 open back cab

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Pete Steinkopf - Bouncing Souls

Pete uses a Roaring-40 head with a 4X12 Cab

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Nergal - Behemoth

Nergal uses The Outlaw

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Anthony Cifaretto - Jelly Roll &
The AJC Band

Anthony plays an Overdrive-35 1X12 and a Roaring-40 2X10

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Ben & Cam - Asking Alexandria

Ben & Cam both use The Outlaw through 4X12 Cabs

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Scott McMicken - Dr. Dog

Scott plays an Overdrive-75 Head through two 2X12 open back cabs

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Carmen Sclafani -
Wiser Time

Carmen plays a Vibe-45 head, a 2X12 open back cabinet and a Vibe-45 1X12 combo

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Bob Dreher

Bob Dreher plays a Slick-18 & Overdrive-35 Head w/Tremolo through an open back 2x12 Cab

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Jake Schwartz - Van Davis & Book of Mormon

Jake Plays an Overdrive-35 1X12 Combo

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Mark Dziuba -
Director of Jazz Studies SUNY University

Mark plays an Overdrive-75 1X12 combo

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David Bazan

David plays a custom Overdrive-35 1X12 Combo

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Photo By: Brian Struble -
Digital Moment Studios

Alan Grant - Primitive Soul

Alan uses a Roaring-40 head with a 2X12 open back cab

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Rocky Catanese - Let Me Run

Rocky uses an Overdrive-75 & Vibe-85 head with a 4X12 cabinet

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Peter Parcek

Peter plays an Overdrive-35 1X12 Combo

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Browan Lollar

Browan plays a Vibe-45 head and 2X12 open back cab

Browan's Band - St. Paul & the Broken Bones


Glenn Alexandar

Guitarist with Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, solo artist & Head of Jazz Studies at Sarah Lawrence College

Glenn plays an Overdrive-75 1X12 combo

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Jerry Barnes

Legendary Bassist/Guitarist with Chic, Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, the list goes on...

Jerry plays a Roaring-40 1X12 combo

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