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Sommatone Amplification

Sommatone started in 1994. Initially, it was a part-time venture, more of a hobby for a few musicians who enjoyed experimenting on their own equipment. As our customer base grew, we realized that we were offering something different than other shops, so in 2001 we opened our doors full time.

Our philosophy is simple – focus on tone with an unrelenting passion for detail. From basic repairs to custom mods, we cater to the person who wants to get the most from their gear. And because we're musicians, we understand the difference between an amp or guitar that “works” and one that sounds and plays great.

Creating amazing tone is not a mystery. It is possible with the right combination of components and equipment. We believe that 80% of a player's tone comes from their hands, the remaining 20% is created by great gear which can inspire you to take your playing to the next level.


Jimmy Somma

As I've been a musician for more than 30 years, my musical tastes have gone through many phases. Growing up I listened to bands like Kiss and Led Zeppelin. Then in my teen years, I got into heavier stuff like Metallica and Slayer. In my 20s, I began listening to Eric Johnson, SRV, and Hendrix which led me to the great players that influenced them, people like Albert King, Buddy Guy, Freddie King, Robert Johnson, and many others. Now, although I can appreciate many musical styles, I play and listen primarily to blues, rock, soul, funk & R&B. I've played in many bands over the years, I currently play with Wiser Time and The AJC Band.

My familiarity with such a wide range of musical styles enables me to help musicians, regardless of their musical interests, find the tone and sound they want.


Jeff Lane

When I was nine years old, I was given two options by my parents: learn to play the saxophone or the guitar. The choice was obvious! Since my very first awkward attempt at holding a guitar, I've been fascinated and challenged by its possibilities. I played and played for years without having the courage to remove a truss rod cover, until I met guitar/amp wizard Jimmy Somma. In between meditating on mountaintops for tube amp enlightenment and gigging, Jim shared both his methods and his outlook on guitar and amplifier maintenance with me. His motivation to perform exemplary and personalized service for all players is the quality that initially drew me to Sommatone and is the trait that I have since adopted in my own work.

My most recent band, Dollys, frequently plays Sommatone gear all over the tri-state area.



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